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19 in Racks for Network and Data

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Mid-Sized Server Rack
Great Lakes
Server Rack

19 in rack
4-Post 19 in Rack

 Panduit Server Rack
Network Rack

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Air Conditioned
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30u Sever Rack
Cooper Bline 
E2 Rack

APC Netshelter SX 42u Enclosure
APC Netshelter
SX AR3100

Chatsworth Teraframe Data Cabinet


APC Netshelter ar3307 48u
APC Netshelter

The nice thing about used data cabinets is that EIA size standards for 19 inch racks have remained constant. This means that, as long as the depth of the rack is adequate, the computer equipment will still fit.

There have been advances in rack design (primarily air flow and ease-of-access), but used and / or older racks still function as originally intended.

Used racks, if they are structurally sound, perform like new racks. If that's the case, it's only appearance that is at issue. If they are handled and transported well, cosmetic appearance is virtually the same, as if the were new. If they are scratched or dented, they can usually be touched up. This is the main reason we focus on data cabinets that are refurbished, open-box and used.

Either way, used 19 in racks offer the opportunity to recycle in the best way (ie, reuse) and there can be significant cost savings to the user.

We have been selling used data cabinets for about ten years now and the market looks still looks strong.

Just in: A number of Great Lakes 37u mid-sized, 19 in enclosure cabinets.

If you are looking for the Chatsworth Teraframe cabinet, a number of them just arrived (31 inch wide).

In San Diego, we have a couple of IBM server racks

We have the 42u APC Netshelter ar3100 server rack, in stock.  The Wright Line Paramount data cabinets, pictured below, are here: Wright Line.

In Atlanta we have Wrightline Paramount 44u 19 in Rack.

We have one left: HP 42u 19 in Server Rack. There is one Dell 4210  rack, right now.

Oh, and a couple of Panduit server cabinets just came in and they are huge and unused! Of course, it is usually best to give us a call
(404) 321-0556 to check our current inventory. 

Chatsworth Teraframe Switch Rack
Chatsworth Teraframe N - Series


Wrightline Server Rack Paramount
Wrightline Paramount in Stock 

Are you looking for a harsh environment rack enclosure? Check out our Cooper Bline 30u 19 in rack with a filter kit. Try the link above.

We generally recommend the each of the data racks be isolated from the exhaust of any other rack by using a separator such as a side panel.

Are you in need of data cabinets? We have a large selection from which to choose. Computer cabinets are so varied, make certain that your equipment will fit into the rack you pick. You can check out this link to our Liebert Foundation ac racks.

We have a many used 2 post 19 inch relay racks in stock from a variety of manufacturers including Chatsworth, Blackbox, Ortronics, Hubble as well as, a few generic racks, too.

If you want to see much of our previous (historical) web site you can find it here: server racks

Remember: If you are looking for network infrastructure such as, Lan Stations, KVM Switches, Raised Floor Tile Grommets, Remote Power Distribution, PDU, KMM (keyboard / monitor / mouse) give us a call. We keep a variety of data center and network room related items in stock.

If you are in Atlanta or in the surrounding vicinity you can come take a look at our Duluth warehouse and either pick something up or have us deliver it for you.

In the meanwhile, please call us at (404) 321-0556.

Server Rack

You may already know that a server rack is designed to house, protect and organize a variety of computer equipment.

This sort of rack will make it easier to service the network by allowing controlled access and cable management.

Having square-holed mounting rails in the rack allow for screwless mounting. Certain rackmount equipment will attach by inserting through and hook down into the lip of the square hole.

This makes installation and removal of hardware easy and tool-free. The weight of the equipment and small retainer clips hold the equipment in place. Older equipment meant for round-hole or drilled and tapped rack rails can still be used and is attached with the use of cage nuts made for square-hole racks. If your rack has round-hole rails you can use clip nuts (or slide-in cage nuts), as fasteners.

Most server racks have four posts that allow for mounting rails to mount the equipment at the front and back.

A four post rack may be open (without doors or side panels or tops) or enclosed.

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