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What does your computer room need? We just got in some new Knurr Miracel Network Rack cabinets that are in stock. We feature server racks, LCD Rack Monitor Controls, 19 inch rack cabinet enclosures, KVM switches, NOC furniture,  19inch computer racks, cage nuts and clip nut,  powerstrips, remote power management  for local and wide area networks. Just in: Used Netcom3 Lan Console Work Bench, KVM Switches, and Mastiff Secrets. Of course offer items such as - cage nuts, rack screws, clip nut. 

We now carry: BLine, EDP, Mayline, SMC, Avocent and Tripplite. 

Black Box 45u - Used  Air Conditioned Rack - 2nd Hand - Unused  SMC Premier Lan Module - Doublewide - Used 19" rack  Wrightline Vantage Used  Rittal Rack with Shelves  Metal Tech EC Cabinets - Used  USed Rittal Rack with shelves  Codaram Server Rack - Used

Used 19 inch Network Enclosure Cabinets - 40u, 40u, 44u and 45u, 30, 32, 36 and 42" inches deep, 19 and 23 inch rackmount cabinets. Atlanta, Phoenix, San Jose and San Francisco, California.

Organizing your Server Room - Here are some general guidelines and good tips that will help you to get your computer area organized. You'll also find ways to assure easy access for servicing  your computer equipment. Cable management and security are addressed, as well.


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KVM Switching - Take control of your Data Center! Allows IT professionals single and multiple points of access and control of their servers from one console (keyboard, video and mouse). On Screen Command and Activity Reporting (OSCAR) save you time, conserve space and power, and dramatically cut down on your hardware requirements. Supports multiple platforms such as Sun®, Mac® , HP-9000 and RS/6000.


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Network Enclosures - LAN / WAN enclosures, computer cabinets and server cabinets. For housing mission critical equipment like HP 9000 , RS/6000, as well as Sun  Microsystems, look here. Perfect enclosures for Compaq® Proliant®, Dell® PowerEdge®, HP® NetServers®, IBM® Netfinity® and any other horizontal rack-mount type servers.


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Network Control -Here you'll find open racking systems  and relay racks. Plus, open racks that you can enclose. Datacom & Telecom Rack-Mounts, LAN / WAN, Server racks and more. All feature cable management.


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Command and Control - Make centralized monitoring and intervention of your network systems operations area effective and dramatic. Operations control, Network Operations Center, command console, NOC Furniture.


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AS/400® Stacking - Double your available space devoted to AS/400® systems by stacking  them vertically. Racking systems save space and make for easy access to your AS/400®. More info. here.


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Harsh Environment Enclosures - Find  here a variety of NEMA rated stand-up enclosures to organize and protect your PC/Monitor/Printer applications. Whether it's on a factory floor or a dusty warehouse your systems will be protected.


Server Room Location

Installation - Teams are professionally trained and responsible for ensuring that your enclosure systems and furniture are properly installed and operate the way they were designed. "When you need us, where you need us."


Data center real estate has been called the most expensive real estate on earth.

Have you been wondering...

"Do we blow out the walls of the existing data center and install new raised flooring and cabling and cooling and security systems and the other seemingly endless paraphernalia necessary to these environments? Or is there a better way?"

Shouldn't you make the most of your space?

We put technology in its place!






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