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NetBotz Central

NetBotz Central and NetBotz monitoring appliances combine to provide a comprehensive solution for IT environment and equipment. With NetBotz Central, you can instantly view environment readings and a camera image from any site on your network where a NetBotz monitoring appliance has been deployed. If environment readings for a site go outside of thresholds you have set, the icon label for that site turns red in the NetBotz Central Map view. A Table view presents users with a table that shows all current sensor data for NetBotz appliances in a selected group, allowing users to see at a glance where there is an alarm condition. Historical alarm data is quickly accessible by appliance and date.

NetBotz Central works with logical, dynamically updated 'groups' of NetBotz appliances that you set up. Your IT group saves time by executing configuration and threshold operations against an entire group at once. You have powerful analytical capabilities at your disposal with the Graph and Report views, where you can generate graphs or reports to display sensor data for one or more appliances over a specified date/time range. Data can be exported for use in other applications. The administrator of NetBotz Central can choose precisely what capabilities to grant to each user and which groups or appliances they can access.

bulletPowerful tool for centralized monitoring & management of multiple sites or cabinets
bulletArrange remote monitoring appliances into groups for mass configuration operations, graphing & reporting
bulletEasy-to-navigate, straightforward interface
bulletOperations are virtually instinctive
bulletMap View gives high-level view, Table View presents sensor detail in compact format
bulletView pictures for a group of appliances; Zoom on detail
bulletAdministrator controls which appliances each user can access and operations they are allowed to perform
bulletAccess to past alerts by group/date/appliance
bulletScalable architecture - single server can manage hundreds of NetBotz appliances; external database support (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL) available separately


bulletProvides advanced warning of equipment failure so you can act before systems go out
bulletIncreases system availability; Reduces downtime costs
bulletCentralized tool improves monitoring efficiency, IT users more productive
bulletGraphing, reporting, exporting tools make it easy to analyze trends and assist in planning
bulletPromptly deal with unauthorized accesses to equipment
bulletStraightforward implementation and administration; Low 'overhead' costs




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