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APC 25u Half Height Server Rack

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Half-height Server Rack, APC ar2105 Off-White

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This used APC ar2105 19 inch rack is well designed and move easily on caster wheels! They are 51.5 inches high by 23.5 inches wide by 42 inches deep. These are used and have some scratches and dings on the panels which will not effect the performance of the rack. 25u Half Height APC ar2105 Server Rack Front

Each rack comes with a pullout keyboard drawer, casters and keys.

The NetShelter VX 25U is an enclosure for storage of industry-standard (EIA-310), 19-inch rack-mountable hardware, which includes servers, and voice, data, networking, internetworking, and power-protection equipment.

The vertical mounting rails are factory-installed in the proper position for use with rack-mountable equipment that has a depth of 29.13 inches (740 millimeters).

To accommodate different rails or equipment with various depths, you can adjust each rail from front to rear over a range of 2.35 inches (60 millimeters).

You can reposition the two front, the two rear, or all four vertical rails along the horizontal braces to accommodate your equipment. You can reposition the vertical rails even if they are configured for 19-inch equipment. The procedure is the same for all of the vertical rails.

1u is 1.75 InchesInstalling Caged NutsEach side of the enclosure has two adjustable horizontal braces between the vertical frame posts to support the vertical mounting rails and to manage cables.

There are fourteen grounding studs on the enclosure, located on the doors , the roof , the frame , and the side panels .

For additional cable access or to install the Stabilizer Plate, remove the skirts at the front and rear of the enclosure by removing the two countersunk screws in each skirt.

The key is packed inside the enclosure.

It is always an advantage that before installing your enclosure, to plan the location of the equipment to be installed. Consider the space needed by the equipment and the ergonomics of keyboards and video monitors.  Try to plan your configuration to maximize the available U-space of your enclosure.

Leveling feet are attached under the enclosure at the corners. Leveling FeetThe leveling feet help provide a stable base if the floor is uneven, but they cannot compensate for a badly sloped surface. You can remove the casters and leveling feet to allow the base of the enclosure to rest directly on the floor.

ar215025u remove side panelThe ar2105 is one of the few server racks on the market that will allow you to completely disassemble the entire rack. This means that you can tranport it in a smaller vehicle and you could assemble it into an awkward or small place. It is kind of like building a ship in a bottle. So, if this needs to go into a narrow closet  or tight space you can get it in by first taking it apart then put it back together in place.

Oh, you can remove the roof from the enclosure, by removing the four hex-head screws from the inside corners.

If you need the front door to open on the other side, you can do that in just a few simple steps. For instructions, just look for “How to Reverse the Front Door” in the Installation Manual which can be found here: AR2105 In

stallation Manual

Vertical Rail AdjustmentThis is how to adjust the mounting rails on the frame posts 1. Use the 5-mm hex wrench (provided) to loosen—but not remove—the four pan-head screws in the slots of each vertical mounting rail. 2. Slide the rails forward or rearward. Use a level to make sure each mounting rail is vertical. Tighten each screw.

As you can see, the APC ar2105 25u half height server rack is a versatile, and well built rack cabinet.  It works with almost any 19 inch rack mount equipment, plus if the equipment is not 19 inch, just install a fixed (stationary) or slide out shelf into the rack and lay your equipment on that.

If you don’t mind a few cosmetic flaws, a used data cabinet such as this can be a great way to go to gain function and, at the same time to save some money (particularly when compared to a new rack cabinet).

Can be used as a home theater rack or a home network rack, too.


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