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Rack Screws and Cage Nuts (Qty 50)

$29.00 $24.00

Cage nuts and rack screws  to attach equipment to your server rack or cabinet.


This is just what you need to attach equipment to your server rack or network enclosure data cabinet. And when you need them, you really need them and cage nuts and server rack screws are sometimes hard to find for your server rack. (Like just about anything is when you really need them…)

We keep them in stock, so you do not have to.

The rack screws feature a Phillips truss head for a a wide covering and a dog point screw end gives you easier threading and less chance for crossing threads and binding up or stripping the threads.

50 each ($24) 10-32 thread cage nuts and rack screws.

We also try to keep some 6mm cage nuts and screws in stock, too (just ask). These screws are of a wider diameter than the 10-32.

Cage nuts are also known as captive nuts or caged nuts and Tinnerman nuts.


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