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Air Conditioned Server Cabinet 42u Varistar Water Cooled by Hoffman Schroff

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Varistar Cooled Server CabinetHeavy-duty, secure server cabinet that cools the air inside of it using an air/water heat exchanger with a maximum cooling of 20 kW.

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42u Hoffman Schroff Varistar LHX 20 High Density Server Cabinet

Does your data center have hot spots? Are you looking to avoid adding another CRAC unit to your computer room?  Do you need to use the warehouse for the server rack location? Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to keep your computer equipment cool and protected? Is it too noisy around your server cabinet?

This is a heavy-duty, secure server cabinet that cools the air inside of it using an air/water heat exchanger with a maximum Varistar Cooled Server Cabinet LX20 LX 20cooling of 20 kW. (If you need 40 kW of cooling click here.)

Historically liquid-cooled cabinets were successful and safely used to cool mainframe computers; however as densities fell, air cooling became more popular. Today, as electronics become more powerful and are packaged more densely into ever-smaller devices, the demands for temperature control within high-density cabinets has risen exponentially.

The Hoffman™ VARISTAR™ cabinet platform provides the ultimate solution for demanding thermal performance and protection where air cooling methods are insufficient or impractical. The active air/water heat exchanger technology provides optimal levels of cooling efficiency with noticeable energy cost savings. That’s because water can carry and remove about 350 times more heat than air can.

You’ll find that this is a great solution: Adding liquid-cooled cabinets to handle all the high-heat loads, so you can get more capacity from your data center or computer room. The air/water heat exchanger is connected to an external reciprocal chiller unit from your building (not supplied with the module), where the water is cooled again.

Here is how the cooling system works:

The cooling system consists of an air loop and a water loop. The fans of the cooling unit draw warm airVaristar LX-20 Functioning of the Cooling Module from the rear section of the cabinet into an air/water heat exchanger. The air is cooled here and then blown into the front area of the cabinet.

Inside the air/water heat exchanger the heat energy of the warm air is transferred to the medium of water. Again, heat exchanger is connected to an external chiller unit from your building (not supplied), where the water is cooled again.

The VARISTAR heat exchanger range features high energy efficiency and cooling capacity. The LHX 20, operating at 80 % fan speed, is very efficient with a total power consumption of only some 530 Watts. In the water circuit, the device proves very efficient thanks to its low pressure losses.

Control is primarily through the water circuit; only in emergencies or at full load do the fans run at 100 % speed. The low fan speed also contributes to the reduced noise level. And, the VARISTAR LHX 20 operates behind the tightly closed glass door and with 80 % fan speed creates a noise level of only 50.7 dB(A).

  • Height  83 inches (42u of rack mount space)
  • Width: 30 1/2 inches
  • Depth 48 1/2 inches outside to outside (But it’s just 46 inches on the floor.)

Varistar LX-20 Overview of Cooling ModuleThe 60714-050 cooling module is a component of a Schroff VARISTAR LHX 20 cabinet. The module is a plug-in unit that may be fitted to the left or right in the cabinet according to the customer’s wishes.

The cooling module has a maximum cooling output of 20 kW and is designed for a mains supply voltage of 230 VAC (115 VAC and 48 VDC versions are available on request).
The supply voltage is converted to 48 VDC by an adaptor to power the control electronics and the fans.

Since the control electronics and fans are designed for a 48 VDC supply, the cooling module also finds application in telecommunications environments.

This rack was designed to be placed on a raised floor or platform as the cabling, to and from the cabinet, makes it way in and out through the bottom adjustable cable grommet. (Shown in one of the pictures.) Should you want to place it directly on a warehouse floor or a floor that is not raised, adding a cable hole in the roof or side panel would remedy that. Be certain to fill any open space with a grommet and maybe some foam, too, to keep the cool air inside the cabinet.Varistar LX20 Exploded Diagram

Often, the most precise answers to your questions come from the user / installation manual. For your convenience,
here is a link to the manual: Instruction Manual Click Here

Once you have a new rack and equipment installed, fill all the empty space in the front of the rack with filler panels. This improves efficiency by keeping the hot air in the back of the rack from mixing with the cool air in the front of the rack where the equipment intakes are located.




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